Class Styles Offered

BALLET ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ballet originated from court dances of the 15th century.  Through years of adaptations, it has become the concert dance of codified steps we know today and serves as a good backbone for many other forms of dance. It promotes and requires strong discipline, precise technique, posture and control. It is highly recommended for all IDA students. Dancers typically begin class at the barre to work on stability and control then work their way to the center of the floor.  Amongst the major ballet techniques, the IDA uses RAD and Vaganova styles into its lesson plans, but is mainly influenced by the Cecchetti Method.


CONTEMPORARY MODERN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Contemporary dance or Modern dance sprung out of the late 1800s in the US and Germany as a response to the formal movements of ballet.  While this genre relies heavily on ballet, it allows for the articulation of the spine and head in all directions and for movement performed not only in rotation but also in parallel and inverted positions.  It is based in improvisation, partner work, floor work, momentum, and the principles of fall and recovery. It draws from all other forms of dance. All college dance major programs require to take contemporary/modern together with ballet. It is also strongly encouraged for all IDA dancers. They'll learn to use their breath and core muscles to initiate movement while exploring how to express themselves through dance.

MUSICAL THEATRE JAZZ-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Jazz has its roots in African dance and arose in America in the early 1900s in its first form as African American social dances.  While there are many styles--from afro, to classic, to commercial--there are several cornerstones of the technique. They include an articulated torso, groundedness, broken lines, rhythmicality and the "aesthetic of the cool." Musical Theatre is a form of dance that combines the songs of Broadway with the movement of classic jazz. This high-energy class will prepare dancers for the stage!


HIP-HOP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hip-hop dance emerged in urban culture as a natural accompaniment to hip-hop music.  Hip-hop has its basis in street performance and jazz dance but has its own distinct and ever-evolving form that includes free-style, locking, popping, and breaking.  Confidence, physical strength, and musicality are benefits seen in those who participate in hip-hop.


PRE-PRIMARY DANCE -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

These classes are for our younger students ages 3-4 who aren’t quite ready for the structure or length of a regular dance class.  Students explore movement in a fun and imaginative environment together with the use of music and props. Students learn the basic movements of formal dance while working on developing their gross motor skills.

STRETCH & STRENGTHENING --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Stretch and Strengthening is an IDA original, a time of stretching and strengthening  that is built around the idea that movement and exercise can be restful. Using mat and floor work similar to but not exactly what you'd find in a pilates or yoga class, students do gentle conditioning to help build and maintain a sense of strength and use existing flexibility to increase mobility throughout the body.


Tap is a form of dance where the dancer’s feet become an instrument. Tap dance grew out of a mixture of Irish step dancing, Clog dancing, and Juba dance. It moved from minstrel shows in the mid 1800s to the Vaudeville stage later in the century. As the dancer’s feet act as instruments in tap, dancers of this style work on mastering rhythm, syncopation, and improvisation. Any student who is looking to improve their

musicality is strongly recommended to enroll in tap.


HOLISTIC BALLET YOGA -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

HBY is dance class with a twist! Class begins with yoga to prepare the body for the rigors of ballet barre.  This allows the body to gently acclimate before performing traditional ballet. This class is great for adults with some ballet training. 

JOYFUL MOVEMENT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The idea of joyful movement comes from the world of Intuitive Eating, a revolutionary anti-diet approach to food, our bodies, and exercise used worldwide by individuals, health professionals, and eating disorder programs to heal the disordered relationships we have with these things. "Joyful movement" simply put means moving your body in ways that bring you joy! This is very different from exercise driven by a desire to burn calories, to change the shape of our bodies, or to punish ourselves. Joyful movement is about how you feel, not how you look. 


During class, you'll warm up your bodies and learn simple combos (designed for the non-dancing beginner) with moves borrowed from multiple dance genres--ballet, modern, hip hop, jazz, even our pre-primary classes!  You'll also play games, stretch, improv, do meditations and visualizations, learn various dance fundamentals and vocab, get down to some great music, and tune into your breath, body, and emotions. It will be fun and silly, but also informative and inspiring; challenging and invigorating, but also gentle and calming. Movement is so important to our health, physical and mental, but only if it's free from shame and guilt. Above all, this class will provide a safe and non-judgmental place for your heart to pump and your hurts to heal.