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Frequently Asked Questions


Dance is confusing.

People have questions. 

Here they are.

Still can't find what you need?

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What Kind of Dance Classes Do You Offer?

We offer many different genres. Check our current or upcoming class schedule and read about them here.

Pre-Primary (3-4): Dance

Primary (5-7): Ballet & Hip-hop 

Youth (8-13): Ballet, Contemporary Modern, Hip-hop & Jazz

Adults (18+): Ballet, Hip-Hop, Modern, & Stretch & Strength

What Classes Do You Have for 3-4 yr olds?

3 and 4 year olds can sign up for our Pre-Primary Dance class, where they will work on gross motor skills while learning the fundamental movements of dance.  This class emphasizes imagination and fun with use of props and music You can read more about it here.

Do You Have Classes for Teenagers?

We are a younger studio, so our oldest youth dancers are just entering their teens now, which is why we just don't have the numbers to support offering classes for dancers ages 15-17 at this time.  18 year olds are welcome to sign up for our adult classes however. 

How Do I Sign Up for Class?

Sign-up from our website by clicking REGISTRATION/PARENT PORTAL. Registration is only open for a few weeks before and after each session begins so if you’re having trouble, registration might be closed. 

What If I Have to Miss Class?

If you have to miss class, email us at to let us know. In some cases we can offer a makeup class if there is another appropriate class for your age/level offered.

What Do We Wear and Bring to Class?

We do have a dress code and ask that students adhere to the guidelines we have in place.

Please bring a water bottle (we don't have a drinking fountain) with WATER ONLY.


Do You Have Classes for Adults?

We do! We offer multiple levels of Adult Ballet, Contemporary Modern, Hip-Hop and Stretch & Strength for all levels. If you are coming back to dance after being away for awhile, sign up for the class you think you’d be in and then you can always move if another class would be a better fit.

I Have Injuries. Can I Still Take Class?

Probably! Obviously it depends on the injury, but we have a number of adult students who make modifications to movements and steps as well as what they wear for class, i.e. braces, more supportive shoes, etc.

Do Adults Perform in the Show?

If they’d like to! Our adult classes and dancers all have the option of performing. If no one in the class wants to, obviously that class won’t perform. If you are in a class that is performing, you do not have to perform yourself. You can learn the dance in class anyway though! (Adult dancers do NOT pay the $80 Showcase Fee as they usually provide their own costumes.)


When is the Performance?

We have two annual performances, one for each 14 class session, in mid December and mid May. The next performance is our Nutcracker on Dec 16, which you can find on our calendar. Exact times to be announced, but there will be two afternoon shows. More performance info will also be in our Google Drive.

Where is the Performance?


Do Caretakers Get Free Tickets?

We wish we could offer free tickets to family members but if we did so we would not be able to cover our expenses for the show (which include renting the auditorium, paying staff, insurance, rights to the music, and more) or pay our rent through the summer when few students take class.

Where is the Video from Class so I Can Practice our Dance?

Once your teacher has taken and uploaded videos of your dance for the performance, they will be in the Google Drive folder for that session in a subfolder for that class.

How Do I Get to the Google Drive Folder?

If you log into your Parent/Dancer Portal, you will see the address to it under our logo on the left hand side. It’s not a link so you’ll have to copy and paste it into your browser.

I see there is an earlier and a later show. Does my child have to be in both?

Yes, everyone performs both times. They are the exact same show. Please do not leave after the first show or only show up for the second show. Class formations and choreography depend on each student. We offer two shows so 1) volunteers can watch one from the audience since they help backstage for one 2) students have more than one chance to perform 3) everyone who want to see it can instead of having a single sold out show.


Is the Studio Closed if Schools are Closed, like for Snow Days?

We typically follow Ferndale Schools' lead in most things. For snow days, however, many times the weather and road conditions have changed by the evening when our classes. We will make a decision during the day and email you.

Can I Watch My Child's Class?

At this time we do not have anything set up for caregivers to watch class. In our old studio, we offered video feed and are working on getting a similar system in place. If the instructor leaves the door open, you may watch that way if it doesn't distract your child. For the last class of the session we do have WATCH WEEK at which time caregivers can sit in on a whole class to see what the dancers do!

I Tried to Call but Can't Reach Anyone. What is Your Phone Number?

We don’t have a studio number because there is no one there to answer it. We can talk on the phone if that works better but please email first as that is the preferred method of communication.


What’s the Difference Between the Saturday Intensive Rehearsal and Dress Rehearsal? Do We Have to Be at Both?

Yes, both are mandatory as they have a very different purposes. 


Our Saturday Intensive Rehearsal is for getting the dancers together to figure out shared choreography, entrances, exits, staging, etc. It's our one and only time to work on the show as a larger group. It's in the studio with regular dance clothes. 


Our Dress Rehearsal is for doing our dances on the stage with cues, lights, sound, props, set, curtains, makeup, costumes, hair, quick changes, etc. This is our one and only opportunity to try these and solve any problems before the show. It's held at the auditorium with full costume, makeup, and hair.


What's Pre-Primary? 

Pre-Primary classes are for 3-4 year olds and are not further divided.

What's Primary? 

Primary classes are for 5-7 year olds and are subdivided divided into three levels. 


Primary 1 (5 yr olds)

Primary 2 (6 yr olds)

Primary 3 (7 yr olds)


Example: If you see “Primary Hip Hop ⅔” that means it’s a combined level 2 and level 3 class for 6-7 year olds.

What's Youth?

Youth classes are for 8-14 year olds and are divided into levels, although they mean different things for different genres. You can see the prerequisites on the schedule.

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