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Our Mission

At The Institution of Dance Arts, we investigate dance as an art form and explore our instinctual need for movement. We provide our students not only with the knowledge of dance movement, vocabulary and history, but also with skill sets that will enhance their lives outside of dance. We offer classes in all genres to all ages and levels within a safe, nurturing, and educational environment, allowing us to create lifelong dancers who appreciate the art of movement.


The IDA’s professional and dedicated dance educators are the foundation of our school. They are the ones who ensure the encouraging environment of our academy, which allows our students the freedom and security to explore their creativity within the realm of dance. Our staff is educated in the methods of teaching dance, providing our students with the proper tools to lead healthy active lifestyles. We pride ourselves on providing age appropriate material, choreography, music, class attire and costumes to encourage and promote respect for the art form and our dancers. Through structure, discipline, and the guided exploration of movement we produce insightful students that apply the values instilled in them from their dance education to professional dance careers or non-dance related professions.

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